Rituals and Gatherings from the Old Age experienced in the New Age

We focus on events, gatherings, festivals, and bookings for DJs and Producers in an effort to promote Montreal based talent. We strive to bring people from all around the world to see just what North America has to offer in the Psytrance and Electronic Music Scene.

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Past Experiences

Talamasca LIVE

Aqueous took place January 16th 2015 and was Aquarian Treasures Production's Official Premier Edition. With acts from Talamasca, Virtual Light and Symon, and DJ sets by Maddox and Saru. It combined the atmosphere of Nueromantix deco with the imagination of the Voie Alternative psychadelic art exhibition. With a laser and light show installed by ISM it was a great start to the Aquarian Treasures Franchise.

Montreal Invasion
1200 Micrograms LIVE

A collaboration between Prog Monkey(Toronto) and Aquarian Treasures Productions with 2 rooms. Chicago from 1200 Micrograms blasted the main stage that was decorated by John Chipre. With acts from Nailik, Symon, Sun Child, Kudra Kaliope, and K-Owl, and DJ sets from Saru,and Digitz the night was one to remember.

Green Man Festival
Kabayun LIVE

Aquarian Treasures' first festival was held May 29th 2015 and lasted 4 days in the great outdoors, and with a live set from Kabayun. Held on a virgin festival land, it set a precedent for the summer to come. With over 65 DJs and Producers acts over 2 stages set up by NoBassNoFun and ISM fully equipped with light and laser show. Also, performances by Cirque Flibus and an art show with Voie Alternative, there was always something to do at this year's Green Man!

Discover some of Montreal finest talents



K-Owl is a Montreal based producer that combines the dirty funkiness of deep forest sounds with the bass of gorillas stuck in a giant metal cage. He brings psychedelic trance to both dark funky caverns and bright trippy rolling hills of technicolored ink stains. His first Live Set at Green Man caused one of the biggest stirs and kept the crowd wanting more!

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Infl​uenced by punk rock, happy hardcore, hardstyle & gabber, he has an interesting take on psychedelic trance whether it's progressive, full-on, or hi-tech. In 2009, he started producing electronic music and intriguing people with his unique sounds.

After many months, he had found his path through psychedelic music, wanting to create more and more everyday. In early 2014, he graduated college studies as a 'Sound Designer'. Climbing the ladder all the way to the top to be able to live off doing what he loves most, the project Narkotik was born. With massive ambiances, he connects through minds secretly, creating a puzzle for your ears to solve.

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Symon is a DJ and producer of electronic music oriented mostly in progressive psytrance and techno.

You will experience psychedelic grooves of hard bass and minimal inspired sound. The objective is to make it possible for everyone to get a deep trance with some intense twists!

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Digit is a dj/producer residing in the Montreal Canada area. Keeping within constant evolution of music, Digit finds new cutting edge sounds and deep trance​adelic tunage to rock the floor. Set after set Digit delivers fresh music reflecting his taste within track selection and stylized ingenuity of mixing. His realization of his love for the music set him on a path of immersing himself deeper into the history and origins of the music.

His attention was mostly focused on the brighter side of the psychedelic spectrum but still having a fascination with the forest styled structure and sounds. Dj Digits sets include pumpy low end and high energy tracks designed to get people jumping & having a blast on the floor.

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The creatures of the night emerge and the forest floor begins to shake as Saru hits the decks with her signature style of night time psychedelia.

1 part dark + 2 parts funky = A cerebral blast from the cutting edge of sonic experimentation, highly detailed and with slamming production quality, Saru's DJ skills set dance floors on a wild ruckus of a ride with no holding back.

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Green Man Festival is one of the first Festivals that opened the summer of 2015 and was one of the most expected by the Canadian Trance addicts, it definitely supplied the goods.

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Grooven Reuven

Gros merci à toute la troupe pour ce beau party! Super setup d'éclairage et laser! Bravo! On se voit à la prochaine édition! Super set de Talamasca! Merci encore!

Nathaniel Boulay

Amazing party! Symon and Akibel were amazing!!!

Katherine Anne

My first festival in Canada, and i gotta say, that was a proper initiation :) Such lovely people, beautiful energy, well organized.

Rabih Baaklini

Vraiment mais vraiment beau festival, je ne m'attendais pas à autant pour une première édition, great success à tous et chacun, merci beaucoup pour ce super week-end.

Simon Nicholas Hinton

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Focusing in communications and networking, Andrew aims to create large scale networks across Canada to facilitate free enterprise and collaborations between independent organizations across Canada through quality events.

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With studies from both Algonquin College in Ottawa and John Abbott College in Montreal Andrew endeavours to use skills learned, in producing top quality events of all kinds. With a focus on Marketing and Event Planning, Andrew creates comprehensive networks across Canada to aid in bringing in only the best teams to build projects. With projects like Aqueous and Green Man Festival, Andrew continues to learn and progress in his trade, providing only the best in services and events.